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Loren “Handyman” is now Loren “Sanitary Inspector,” and Loren “Doctor,”

Because of the weird weather, including lightening, thunder and rain, here in Nagpur, several of the staff have been out sick. Loren is filling the gap.  Pankaj came out of his room and complained that his arm was hurting so Loren wanted to have a look.  Indian boys are so modest that it was difficult for Loren to get him to take off his shirt.  Remember, I told you Indian men take their baths with their underwear on.

Anyway, Pankaj had a cyst the size of an egg under his arm.  It was oozing pus that almost made Loren vomit.  Immediately, he had the driver take Pankaj to the hospital. The doctor barley drained it and gave him three kinds meds.  The instructions were very unclear on taking the meds, luckily, the Madam Warden at RGI is a retired nurse, and interpreted how the meds needed to be administered.  This made us realize that we need to create a form to take to the hospital that would be filled out by the doctor.  This would give us better information.

Upon returning to campus, Loren made sure that Pankaj was put into sickbay and his food delivered.

He still had on the dirty shirt with all the pus and blood.  Again, getting the shirt off was difficult.  At this time, the housefather on duty was our guest cook.  Loren asked Sunil to take Pankaj and use disinfectant soap on the area around the cyst.  Having, no rag in which to accomplish this task, we had to cut one of the kitchen dishtowels in half.  Afterwards, Loren carefully brought the shirt and rag back to our kitchen where I had a bucket of boiling water with disinfectant soap.  My plan was to just going to let the pieces soak, but our dear little cook, washed the clothes and took them to the top of the building and hung them on the line.  I was so proud of his servant’s heart.  Let me tell you, this is totally out of his job description. (Yes, he disinfected his hands before he cooked our meal.)

On Tuesday when Joy, the General Director, returned, he went to check on Pankaj.  Tears rolled down Pankaj’s eyes as he said, “I have never had anyone care about me, or give me any attention.”  At the orphanage he was always afraid if he incurred a medical bill.

Pankaj had to return to the hospital, where we INSISTED that the cyst be lanced. Happily, I can report that Pankaj returned to classes today and will no longer have to stay in sickbay. Loren is still administering the meds and checking to make sure no infection sets in.

Pankaj is a nineteen-year-old semi-orphan.  His father died of a ruptured appendix, when he was eighteen months and his sister six months old.    Not being able to care for the children his mother put them in an orphanage. She barley makes enough money, by doing menial labor to feed herself. No way could she care for two growing children.

Pankaj is a good student and realizes his only hope for his family is to become self-reliant.  He can do this with his computer degree and finding a job after graduation from Prakash.
Remember this face!!!! Keep Pankaj in your prayers for complete healing and later…a good job.