Feb 9, 2010 | India | 0 comments

This email will be a compilation of many little incidents, none of which are worthy of an entire Journal, but I thought you might be interested in knowing.  So here go the TIDBITS.

There have been several projects in the hopper since we arrived.  Mainly, acquiring the new generator.  It took forever to get the calculations, specifications, and bids so we could even decided what was needed—two phase, three phase, yada-yada-yada.

Trenches had to be dug and hundreds of feet of electrical lines installed.  Also, in order to save some money we decided to use a garage space for the generator.  There was a dirt floor, requiring concrete to be poured—one pan full at a time.
Finally, we are EXPECTING delivery tomorrow.

One of the challenges of fundraising is money for maintenance.  Our PBI building is 34 years old. Still it is amazement to the people of India because of its excellent condition. 

This trip we realized there were a couple of areas that desperately needed attention.  The center tower of the building had some serious water damage.  Thankfully, we had funds to scrape, “pooty”, sand and paint a couple of areas.  Our painter is amazing.  See how in two days he painted two coats on this four-story side using only a four-inch brush.

The RGI Administrator’s multiple calls for the repairs of the mini blinds had been unheeded by the shop, so handyman Loren was put to work fixing them.  He has probably installed more blinds in his career than anyone in Nagpur. The girls think Loren Sir is a genius.

The weather is still cold for February.  I am soooooo glad that at the last minute I put a couple of sweaters in the suitcase. The students wear their sweaters every day and thank each donor for providing this needed warmth.

Loren was up at 6 am this morning on a now normal early stroll around campus. Returning to the room chilled he went to take a HOT shower to warm up only to find we had NO water.  The electricity had gone off during the night and blew a fuse on the corporate transformer. Consequently the pump did not come on to fill the water tank.
Oh great…just one more charm of India.

Finally, and best of all, a true delight did come when an ecstatic former welding student came to campus with “sweets” for everyone.  His smile was from ear to ear because he had just been hired.  He needed his government certificate so he could start work on Monday.
Before his training at Prakash, he was so embedded in poverty that his life seemed hopeless, but now we see hope coming alive and a job that will give him self-reliance and dignity. Thank you for making this happen in the young lives here at Prakash.