New Baby Church

Jul 14, 2008 | India | 0 comments

Starting PointWe are so excited. . .A brand new baby church started tonight with ten people in attendance, Dr, Suresh and his wife had a literacy class (with a Bible study) a few years back and had about 10 ladies in the class. Loren and I were there the day one of them was able to write her name for the first time. To finally be able to not have to just give a thumbprint, but actually write her name was the most important day of her life. Well, one of these ladies came to Dr. Suresh and asked if there was any way he could begin the Bible study again. So it has begun in his home and with great success.

The changes in India since our last visit in February especially in billboard signs and dress is astounding. Never before did you see a woman’s shoulders or legs. . .it was tooooo sexy. Well, now it is on every sign plus very provocative poses. This is in Nagpur, not just the big cities. India is changing at such a rapid pace that many, many people are being left in the dust. The largest percentage of people is being faced with situations that they have no skills on how to handle. Due to the lack of any moral code and no restrictions, everything becomes free game, and I mean everything! This is why we need to really ground our young people in God’s Word, so they have a firm foundation upon which to stand.

Starting PointStarting Point continues to be one the most special times the students have. The group discussions are beginning to be very lively and more and more participation. I cannot wait till we have the second edition translated and ready to be used. During our Q and A times it is always brought up as one of the things the students like best about PII and RGI.

One of the first things you learn about being in India is to TRUST your driver. I am so glad that I believe in God’s sovereignty and that He knew on the day I was born what time and day I would die, because I thought for sure that this was the day. Ashok sent a car and driver to pick Loren and I up to go to a meeting. This driver made sure we got there faster than I have ever been driven in India. When he had a little room, Loren said, “I think he will try to pass all of those lorries (huge trucks).” I said, “No, way, there are seven.” Well, guess who won???? Not me!!! I bet there was not two inches between our car and the oncoming lorries when he finally pulled into his lane. I don’t even know what happened to the little black car that was in the lane before we took it over. Loren took a big breath and said, “This is better than going to Disneyland!!!!” I am not sure I am ready for DISNEYLAND again any time soon.

Some of the most weird things are happening to me. . .a bad cold, fingernail torn almost off and now a chipped incisor tooth. It hurts a little, but I would rather have the hurt than go to an Indian denist here. Keeping my tongue off of it is the trick. I bit down on a piece of bone in some ground meat. UGG!!!