Tragedy into Blessings

Aug 12, 2016 | India | 0 comments

The surgery for Mangesh’s heels has gone very satisfactorily. Mangesh was very scared after the surgery and was asking Moses our Director of Students to take him to his Auntie’s house.

But as he started feeling better and had visits from his doctor, he began to feel more secure. His company’s CEO is a Brahman (the very highest caste) man and started taking very good care of him. He visits Mangesh almost every day. So far the company has taken care of all his expenses.
When Mangesh was discharged from the hospital and was supposed to go back to his village, his company insisted they supply an air-conditioned guestroom for him. He has NEVER lived in an air-conditioned facility. They asked him to stay for at least 10 days so they could take him to the doctor for regular checkups. Also they are providing three hot meals a day and an Ayah to serve and clean the room.
Moses said, “We are so happy for his company’s CEO as he is taking extra good care of Mangesh.”
This is a very good example of how our students are maintaining an excellent testimony and reputation with their companies and in the work place.
Moses has asked Mangesh to write a thank you letter to the CEO and the company owner for going the extra miles.
Last Sunday Moses and his church members visited Mangesh in the guesthouse. Mangesh was extremely happy to see them and enjoyed sweets and some eatables the church members brought for him. Moses has visited him most every day.
Thank you all for your faithful prayers.  Unbelievable things are happening for Mangesh and I believe it is all because of your prayers. His sweet smile continues to inspire.
Mangesh will require a second surgery to remove the protruding steel rod in his one heel. The pin in the other one will remain. Kindly continue to pray for his speedy recovery.
Another blessing is that the Hindu community around the Auntie’s house went together and purchased/rented a wheelchair for Mangesh. Again, this shows the respect this family has in the village.