What? FACEBOOK . . .

Jul 21, 2016 | India | 0 comments

Loren and I just spent a week in California working with a PR firm to get a bigger presence of Prakash for India on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, Twitter, etc.

This is WAY outside Loren’s comfort zone, but he sees the need for this type of communication and promotion. We worked HARD to make sure the firm understood our vision and mission.

It is exciting to see others come alongside to spread the news about the incredible work of Prakash for India.
We had hours and hours of filming and interviews just telling the stories of Prakash . . . I lost my voice.
The company not only is excited about the project, BUT ALSO has funded it. This all started after Erik returned from his trip to India and began to spread the news of his involvements. We know from experience that people tend to get more interested in the organization after they have seen Prakash at work, up close and personal.
I will let more  pictures tell the rest of the story.