Two Chicken Projects

Mar 30, 2016 | India, Vet-Med Outreach | 0 comments

Dr. Suresh sent this report:
“Today was Sunday. My phone rang up early in the morning. The person to whom I gave responsibility to arrange Chickens for me was on phone. He was telling, ‘Sir your Chickens are ready, please come and take them.’ I was not ready for this day as it was Sunday, but then it was crucial time for me to decide whether to attend the Church or to go and deliver Chickens to needy families. Andy’s sermon, Brand New, which I heard on last Wednesday, really encouraged me, so I decided to go and distribute the Chickens.
The week before, after having permission from our Executive Director to gift two Chickens projects to very needy families, I decided to interview Mrs. Usha Bai and Lakhan. After arranging everything, when I reached to the villages where I was going to give these projects, I really got opportunity to sit and talk to them eye-to-eye. After listening to each story I felt that now I know about them. In my general visits I never ever spend such time like today. Both of their past stories broke my heart.
Chicken Project 1: Mrs. Usha Bai 55 years widowed, old lady, having 8 children, 4 sons and 4 daughters.

This mother of 8 children today is begging for their survival. She is going door-to-door and village-to-village to get something to keep their body and souls together. Yesterday her younger son who was grazing other’s animals got stuck in hailstorm and as there was no shelter he was badly hurt. Today he was sick. I went back and bought some medicines for him hoping he will be all right tomorrow. This Chicken Project (5 females and 1 male) really brought an expressing joy on their faces.
They know the value of this project. Even this happy moment made them cry, I know this was the tears of great happiness. I really don’t have the words to express their happiness and even I don’t have any word to encourage them at that moment. I was just thanking Jesus to have such opportunity to express His love to this family.
Chicken Project 2: Lakhan, I know him since he used to attend our Vacation Bible School. Since then he was always there whenever I visited this village. But today after listening to his story I realized that I don’t really know him. Thankful for this opportunity through this project I know him very personally and by heart.

Lakhan is an uneducated young boy who never get any opportunity to attend school. He lost his mother at the age of 4. She actually committed suicide by consuming poison. First time he was sharing his story to someone. This was eye-to-eye conversation and as I was listening to him my heart was tearing. These people keep always busy and sharing is way out of their thinking. After his mother’s death there was nobody to take care of them so his father started taking him for begging at the age of 4. His past experience really shook my sentiments.
At that moment I decided that I need to spend more time with these people.
Lakhan have very bad stomach pain every time and he really don’t know the exact cause so I will come back to take him to some good physician. Today Lakhan is very happy and promise me about taking good care of his Chickens. I am sure he will get good money that will help him financially and also he will get good protein diet.
When I was coming back to my home my mind was thinking about them only. What an opportunity to show love of Jesus to these people. I know it will increase my work, but still I am happy at what we are doing to for the Glory of our God. I am heartily thankful to all those who helped for these projects and brought happiness in these families. May God bless you.”