The Importance of Environment

Feb 8, 2016 | India | 0 comments

Even though the Team has returned home the projects continue. As I said before, one thing leads to another. The almirahs (closets) were old and the wood doors were in need of repair, soooo off to the sheet metal shop to negotiate on a price for 14 new metal almirahs.

We were amazed at the quality of the product produced in this tiny shop. There was a lot of discussion on the thickness of the metal for sides and doors.
Designs were drawn and then, of course, the bargaining on the price. A sample is to arrive this next week and slowly, slowly we will have new almirahs for the students. The first room moved into a room without the new closets, using the old wood ones, but the remaining students will have to wait till their room is complete.
Painting is still going on and the paint on the beds is almost finished.
The students are “steel-wooling” the aluminum window frames and new fans and tube light are being installed.
The new doors will come as funds are secured.
Making a new cleaner and attractive environment has already shown rewards. No more writing and stickers on the beds and almirahs.
Here are the before and after pictures of one of the rooms.
Just as we were deciding if we should have an auction of the old wood almirahs, Joy received yet another new notice from the government . . .Ugg . . . that each classroom had to have storage for the students’ work materials. So the wood almirahs will be slightly refurbished and used in the Trade Center without costing us and arm and a leg. Of course, God knew our need before we did.
Just to make things interesting, a snake was in the tree next to RGI and had to meet its demise.
Burning was the best funeral. Later . . . after I had taken these pictures . . . the snake was gone . . . a great lunch for a bird.