Work and Play for the Team

Jan 26, 2016 | India | 0 comments

A Team will come to India for interaction with staff and students, BUT also to work. There are so many projects that need doing . . . finding a good fit and funding takes some effort.
Because Bill, Mark and Katie came in on a Saturday we had a couple of days of play and fellowship. It gave them a chance to acclimate to the time change and also participate in a couple rip-roaring volleyball games with staff and students.
An unplanned dinner out with Ashok, our architect friend, was beyond fabulous. I think he ordered one of everything on the menu, so we could have a taste.
A welcoming program at Student church and worship had an added treat when all three guests were asked to help the girls with their dance. Laughter abounded.
Then off to Nagesh’s house church.
Tea is always a must at 10:30 and 4:00. On Sunday the Team had tea and a Q & A with 15 of the PBI second year students. The resounding laughter told me it was going well. Actually, the boys had some very probing questions.
Dinner at Nupi and Suresh’s was a MUST on the Team’s agenda. They remembered her fabulous curry from their last trip.
Now, today . . . Monday . . . the real work begins. Painting the dorm rooms for PBI students. It has been ten years and, well . . . It goes without saying it more than needed it.

Our Indian painter has done all the prep work, but still it will be a hard week to get all seven rooms painted. Of course, when one thing gets refreshed you see how badly the beds and wooden storage closets are. Maybe painting the beds and shopping for new almirahs (closets) will be on the list if funding allows. It is always our desire to not take work away from the nationals, so they are most always included in our team projects.

All work stops when it is time for Tea. the fellowship is always fun and sometimes hilarious.
Continue to pray for the Team’s health and safety.