Your Christmas Gifts at Work

Dec 3, 2015 | India | 0 comments

OF GOATS…But you will be thrilled by this report.
“It is indeed joy to report you about happenings in villages where VET-MED is working around Nagpur. It is real joy to serve these villages and fulfill God’s command.  I am really thankful to Lord for His Grace, protection and wisdom.
Vanda: First time I saw Vanda sweeping his house as Sheshi is with her parents since last 10 days. He is very happy being a father of two children now.  On 30th of this month he was blessed with a baby girl and he was praying for her. When I met him he was very happy and requested me to pray for his baby daughter and Sheshi. He gave all glory to Jesus for all blessings in his life.  When I reached his place I saw him sweeping his house and it is very difficult in this tribe to do women’s work.  But Jesus transformed his life. 
He is doing great with his teaching tuitions (tutoring), Sunday school and Children’s Clubs in two villages right now and we are praying to start it in another Pardhi village to encourage children to attend school.  Please remember this tribe in your prayers.
Business ethic class: I am very happy that two young people from Nanda Fellowship are doing Agriculture Business Training. They suggested my name to their head for inviting me for teaching on business ethics to their class.  It was great to have Q & A time along with introduction of VET-MED’s vision. Even in that class I got an opportunity to share about Prakash as a part of my life and its role in my life through Jesus.  It was really great to be with them.
Goat projects: I visited 3 goat projects in this month to which we helped by giving two goats each as help.  It is good to see them doing very well with this help specially it gave me joy to hear how goats helped Mrs. Dongre to help her daughters education.  It is something great which is bringing development and change in these lives. See what your Christmas goats do for a family.
I also visited one of our ex-self-help trainees goat project and he is doing very good with his project.  This is really adding extra income for him and his family.  He is very happy for this development in his life through VET-MED.
Chicken project: Vanda is helping his close neighbor in many ways and economic development is one of them.  For this we as a team encouraged his neighbor last year for keeping some chicken and help him in buying 3 hens and 1 cock. (Part of our Christmas projects).  In this visit I saw 12 hens and 2 cocks and lot of joy on his face.  He is really doing well especially his children are getting good nutrition and also some money by selling some eggs.  I am thankful to God that slowly people of this village started thinking something different than their traditional wine making business.
Vet-Med first-Aid stall: Most of the time I travel on National Highway that is having heavy traffic throughout day.  Many times I see accidents on road and many times I saw many victims without any First-Aid help.  So since couple of years I really started thinking to do something for this.  I shared this with Rupesh (one of our ex-trainee) and then he shared this with his non-Christian friends where he works.  This month one of his friends who are doing mechanical work happily told that he would be very happy to share his shop’s little space for Vet-Med First Aid stall. Praise God for this and now I started praying for the First-Aid materials and Christian tracts also as many drivers sitting and waiting for their vehicle get repaired. So they can read Christian material and think on it.  Please uphold this in your prayers.
 God is so good and doing many good things for us, I am experiencing this in my life as well as in ministry also. I am thankful to our dear God for all His grace and mercy upon us.’