Even in the Midst of Trials

Oct 12, 2015 | India | 0 comments

Prayer Requests:
One of our students Anmon is diagnosed with “Dengue”.  He is being hospitalized in Hospital and he is under treatment. Anmon is an orphan boy and got very scared after he was admitted in the hospital.  We are trying our best to provide good possible treatment for him and also a good diet.
Kindly pray that he will be recovered soon.
Today once again we have sprayed medicine in every room and corner of our campus. We had requested the health department to spray the medicine in the campus and we are grateful to all the government authorities for their prompt action on our request.
Kindly pray that God will protect our students form Dengue.

Another teacher is in the hospital with a fever of unknown origin.
Snehal is still in the hospital with minimal response or improvement.

BUT, read and thank the Lord for Prakash for India. Without your support this next story would never be a reality. Even in the midst of trials may we NEVER stray from our vision and mission:
Our Mission
Prakash for India exists to empower marginalized young Indian nationals by teaching marketable trades and life skills so they can build self-reliant, spiritually vibrant, transformed lives.
Our Vision
Prakash for India envisions God working powerfully through its alumni to build a thriving Christian community across India that shares the love and grace of Jesus Christ, grows disciples, sustains itself, reproduces itself and is a significant developmental force for that country.

Here is a PBI student’s story that will make you weep. Moses cannot hide his own emotions as he writes this report.
Name:  Akash
Trade: Electrician
Year: 2015
Age: 16 years
“Akash comes from a very interior village that is 240 KM from Nagpur.  He belongs to a very poor family. Father and mother and sometime Akash too has to work in the farm to earn their livelihood.  Akash is the only child to his parents. Akash’s father is a laborer and has no definite job every day is a day of challenge for him.
When I first saw Akash I thought he is tuff and a hard working boy as he had also told that he works in the farm as a laborer with his mother. He works very hard at Prakash also.

After talking with him he told that he had a major heart surgery in Government Hospital. 
(UGG! I cannot even imagine this.) He opened his shirt and showed how big the surgery mark is.  I could not believe my eyes, it was indeed a big surgery. He always used to complain that he cannot sleep peacefully in the night and when I asked him he told me that there is a transmitter in his heart and in the night it makes ticking sound and he said, ‘I feel as if somebody has fixed a clock in my body and that disturbs me sometimes.’
Akash and his family are not baptized yet, but they are regularly attending the church since 2010. His Pastor had recommended Akash to study in Prakash so that he will get equipped and start earning for his family and at the same time Akash will get a good spiritual environment to the point that one day he will make a public confession of accepting Jesus Christ. 
Akash’s dream is to become a good person and live life according to the Bible and earn and support his family so that his parents do not have to runabout every day in search of a job.  Akash do understand his physical limits but has a great faith in Jesus.  He believes that through Jesus nothing is impossible with him. Amen!!!
First of all kindly pray that God will give extra portion of strength, wisdom and grace to our staff members as they take care of Akash.  Also pray that Akash will be able to finish his studies here at Prakash and will be able to see his dream come true.”