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I love our staff. They have really stepped up to the plate and sent reports, pictures and updates. As you can see, if it’s not one thing it is another at Prakash. Our prayer is that they will not become discouraged. They simply have been plagued with Government issues and staff health issues and now Dengue Fever.
Report from Moses:
“Sensing the danger of dengue fever yesterday morning we requested Nagpur Municipal Corporation to send fogging machine to our campus.  We also met the political leader of this region and requested him to fogging machine (With DDT) to our campus and to our surprise by evening itself the truck came to our campus and spread the smoke in the campus to get rid of the mosquitos. This was done in RGI campus too.
I tried taking pictures in the night but it was too smoky to take pictures. We will be spraying all the rooms with medicine to protect our students from mosquito bites.
Kindly pray that our students will be protected from this upcoming danger of Dengue Fever.”
Updates about Snehal and cook lady from Nagesh:

“September 18
This is regarding Snehal Meshak.
Today I have again visited him in the evening.
He is slightly improving. I saw him opening his eyes blinkingly and barely responding to the talk.
He was again made to sit for sometimes for physiotherapy. He moves his right hand little bit. Left side is completely no feeling.
I did not see any leg movement today. I have given Rs. 50,000.00 as per your advice to his wife Arpana. She was very grateful to the help we have provided her at this critical time. As on today the hospital bill is for
Rs. 2,55,683.00 (Two Lac Fifty Five Thousand Six Hundred and Eighty Three Only). ”  (Don’t you Just love the word ONLY?)
“Jija one of our cook ladies got discharged yesterday from the Mure Memorial Hospital. She is doing good. Her blood pressure is finally under some control. She must follow new diet and take medicine.”
“September 21,2015
Just now I have come from the hospital visiting Snehal. Around 5:30 pm he was shifted from general ward to ICU again and they put him on Ventilator. I think due to infection he also got pneumonia. The moment they removed his feeding and suction tube from his throat his condition started deteriorating. Air pockets were formed in his chest and he was feeling uneasy. Thank God two main Doctors were present in the hospital who are giving him treatment. All of sudden his face was swollen and he was immediately shifted to ICU.
Need to continuously offer prayers for him.”
Report from Nupi on Porima’s progress
“Porima’s father was here yesterday and we took Porima and her father to the doctor so that he can have first hand talk with the doctor about the surgery and everything. The doctor clarified everything with him. So both the daughter and her father want to go ahead with the surgery. Porima’s father is very thankful to Prakash for standing behind him and making an effort to help his daughter. With tears in his eyes he was saying I had never dreamed that my daughter’s treatment is possible. Thank you for doing all this for my daughter.
If all goes well the surgery has been planned on Tuesday the 22nd. Yesterday the doctor took her blood samples to check for Hb, blood sugar etc. Her parents will be arriving on Sunday evening, she will be admitted on Monday and Tuesday will be the surgery. She may have to spend about a week in the hospital. Her father will be the one who will sign all hospital papers.
Porima was taken to the hospital this morning the physician had a look at her and okayed everything for the Orthopedic surgeon to conduct the surgery tomorrow.  She is now going back to the hospital to be hospitalized her father and mother are with her.  The surgery is scheduled at 8:30 in the morning tomorrow.  I will not be able to Skype with you tomorrow.  Her mother seems to be very worried and needed to be counseled as she had never been to big hospitals before.  
Also Nagesh will be accompanying me for the surgery time as one extra person will be needed just in case there arises any need for medicines or any other unforeseen emergency during the surgery time.  I have requested him to come along as the parents are from his village and he knows the father well. Also Nagesh is the one who will be handling the finances. “
See why we love them. Great reports and pictures too.