The Attacks are now Personal

Sep 12, 2015 | India, Staff | 0 comments

It is the middle of the night and the phone rings. It is the dreaded number showing up with 91 at the beginning…this means India.
Nupi said, “Nani, Snehal is in the hospital.” There was very little information then. She was on her way to the hospital and we had the following email the next morning.
“We are at the hospital. He has been diagnosed with stroke. General condition is stable but he is still unconscious. The doctor has given him injection to dissolve the clot. Next 48 hours are critical. Keep praying. Will give you updates as they come.
He was at the Govt. Office till yesterday evening. We have been working on admission process of computer, electrician, and fashion designing and pre school papers for the last many weeks. Snehal was the one who was submitting the papers needed.
Snehal is 39 and married to Arpana, Devidas’s daughter. (Davidas was a former employee of Prakash) He has two children, a daughter in fifth grade and son in kindergarten. He has been with Prakash for last sixteen years,”
A couple of Journals back I wrote about Snehal’s arduous train trip to Mumbai with Nagesh.
We need “War Room” type prayer warriors. Not only for Snehal’s healing, but also for the lost of a teacher at Prakash during this already stressful time. Snehal is a valued employee of Prakash. Pray that the staff can find peace in knowing our God is in control. Also pray for Loren to have strength as he bears the burden of consoling and teaching the Indian leaders who feel they are under the enemy’s attack.