Day Out with Girls

Jan 31, 2015 | India | 0 comments

Every year I try to have a special event for the RGI girls. This year it was decided that we would visit the Deeksha Bhoomi Buddhist Temple.

The temple was designed and constructed by Sheo dan Mal, our friend Ashok’s father.


Mr. Shoe don Mal won the world award for this unbelievable structure. Each year hundreds of thousands of Indian Buddhist come for a week of celebration at this site. He also was the architect for the three PBI buildings at Prakash.   His son Ashok was the architect for RGI.

The girls were impressed and awed by the tour.

Then it was on to the Nagpur Historic Museum.

It was fun to see the girls’ reactions to the many, many well-presented showcases. They kept asking me, “Are these birds and animals real?” I would tell them about taxidermy and yes they were real. I have to say it is a very excellent presentation and will be a part from now on for each batch at RGI.

From the Museum we went to the Maharaj Bagh (Agriculture University Park and Zoo.) There is actually a real live tiger among many other animals, birds and crocodiles. It was here under a large banyan tree that we had a picnic lunch.

After lunch the girls had time to play and tour the Zoo at their leisure.   Needless to say there was a busload of very tired girls when we returned to campus.

Here are some of the comments by Nupi and the girls:

  •         Most of the girls have written that they had never gone on a picnic ever before in their life.
  •      We went to Deeksha Bhomi- the famous place in Nagpur for Buddhist people, the museum and the Maharaj Bagh- the zoo.  Almost every person that comes to Nagpur has a very keen desire to visit these places on their trip.  So all the girls were very excited to go on this trip and that too going with Nani seemed to be the icing on the cake.  Some of the responses from the girls are;
  •       At Deeksha Bhoomi I was happy to see all the historical pictures and to be able to read the information about that place.
  •       It seemed that history came alive in front of me when I saw the historical things in the museum.
  •       It was the first time in my life that I came to know that real animals can be preserved for years for people to see.
  •       I enjoyed taking pictures with Nani and her telling us to SMILE and WAVE.
  •       It was my first visit to a zoo and first time to see a real tiger and other animals.
  •       I loved seeing the things that the tribals use and to know that even those things are a treasure.
  •       I have seen a real tiger for the first time in my life.  Picnic was above super.
  •       I have been living in Nagpur with my sister’s family since four years but never knew that there were places that I could visit.  I enjoyed the picnic very much.
  •       I had to ask myself am I dreaming of going on a picnic or is it real. I did not know that there are so many types of fish in existence,
  •      I am going to tell everyone in my village about the picnic and my experience about it.
  •    When I came to know that Deeksha Bhoomi was designed by the same person who designed PBI; and RGI was designed by his son my joy knew no bounds.  I felt I am very privileged to be able to live in RGI because when I first walked on to RGI campus my first reaction was WOW! What a beautiful place who must have designed this?
  •      It was a beautiful day of my life I felt very loved by Nani I will never forget RGI, Nana and Nani ever in my life.