Slumber Party

Mar 4, 2014 | India | 0 comments

Not matter what your nationality; every teenage girl loves a slumber party. I decided it would be a great time to interact with the girls on yet another level. Of course I had to get Nupi’s cooperation— she would have to be there to translate for me. The girls are becoming more fluent in English but very shy to speak to me. We decided to do a very special dinner—invite Loren—and then show a couple of movies.

They completely surprised me with a birthday cake and ten verses of “Happy Birthday.” Loren says, “Oh no, the celebration has already begun.”

After dinner and cake, Loren returned to our room and all of us girls went to the study hall room, where carpets, blankets and pillows had been placed and the much-protected TV was ready to show movies.

I had gotten treats, chuta (Indian junk) and henna for a special indulgence. Although I was not willing to have menhendi—Guess what???—I ended up with menhendi on both arms and both feet. Who can resist the plea? “Plezzzzzz Nani.”

The first movie was in Hindi, and the girls kept saying, “Do you understand it Nani?” Well actually, I did. Not every word, but enough to enjoy the movie and laugh at the appropriate times. When the second movie would not play, we decided to have a

Q and A session. Actually, it turned out to be hilarious and very informative. Around 12:30, Nupi and I decided to call it a night. I asked Loren, “Majhi menhendi paha?” (Do you like my menhendi?) LOL I don’t think so.  

One of the alumni RGI girls hand-delivered an invitation to her wedding. Asking her how the marriage had been arranged-she is a semi-orphan—she told us her pastor was responsible. The boy turned out to be a Prakash alumnus. Hooray!!!   It was a special time to honor her with our presents. We went late and left early knowing it would be an all day affair and we would be unable to eat the food. She was very pleased that we came.


OK here are some more facts:

The cyclone was the worst storm for intensity in 200 years. It had a wind speed of 150 miles per hour. Unlike a tornado, it has no funnel to the earth. Flying tin in the cyclone killed one of our staff’s nieces.

Ninety thousand acres were damaged in the cyclone and even more since, due to the fact, it has rained HARD, off and on, every night and day from the time of the storm. YES, the rock creek bed has worked and the girls no longer have to wade in mud to get to classes. I have never been in such intense storm activity. It lasts for hours and the Prakash building echoes and vibrates with unbelievably loud thunder—kind of hard to sleep with such noise. The rain ruined our just harvested crop of Tur dal.

The baby kid became very ill and Dr. Suresh had to make another visit to the village. He was able to give the correct medication and the baby is now thriving.

Even though there are still several events to write about,  we leave India in the morning for home,so no more Journals until later.