Help!!! Break-In

Sep 5, 2013 | India | 0 comments

Security has always been a number one priority…but finances and Indian restrictions have not always allowed us to implement on campus the quality of security we would desire. NOW we have a huge issue…

Emails arrived Sunday:

This is to let you know that we were all surprised and shocked when we came to know that some professional robber broke open the RGI office and also broke the Almirah (metal cupboard and the lockers last night and everything is in bad shape. Nupi, Joy, Nagesh and Moses received phone calls from the housemother and came straightaway. She became aware of the break-in from the boys who had come on Sunday afternoon to do heavy garden work in RGI and saw that the lock of the office was broken.  They ran to notify the housemother. When we reached the spot we could not believe our eyes…broken Almirah, desk, lockers, file cabinet and it was mess all over. Nupi says that nothing seems to be stolen except some old mobile phones of students. There was no money in the office, preliminary we feel not any thing has been stolen except the two old mobile handsets that were confiscated from girls four years ago.

Joy then immediately called the police and the police came and inspected the office and will continue to investigated the matter. The inspector had never been to the Prakash/RGI campus and was very impressed with the facility. He said, “Now that I know you are here, I will make sure to send frequent patrols.”

We will be checking the files for original certificates and records tomorrow. Also making sure no keys have been taken.

Nupi says, “My greatest fear has come true.  We have talked about good security in the campus, higher compound wall so many times. I am thankful that at least the hostel building was not attempted to be broken into.  The safety of the girls seems to be very much in danger if such a thing can happen in RGI campus.  The old man was on duty but he stays towards the hostel. Please make it a priority to take quick and hard security measures in RGI campus.  The girls are in a far corner of the campus and all are all panicked due to what has happened. The whole of Prakash campus needs higher and professional security at least at night.”

Security in RGI is a matter of grave concern. Thank God the intruders did not go to girls hostel otherwise this could have been very serious.”

Even though there was only about $1000 damage, the whole staff and especially the RGI students feel very violated.  Please pray for their protection.