Promotion Journey

Aug 12, 2013 | India | 0 comments

Every year around this time our Executive Staff is busy contacting pastors and mission leaders for selecting students for next term. This year they made the trip to the area where World Vision is working to do a promotion.  We are so glad to have this affiliation with World Vision. The testimony of the girl at graduation I sent in a SHE Journal was from World Vision. You will see her in the pictures below.

Nupi gives account of this journey:

“As you know that World Vision had invited me to visit their area and counsel the students and parents regarding the courses available in RGI.  Accordingly I planned to go with two RGI teachers on the 2nd of August.   When I asked Joy about the driver he said do you mind if I drive for you and I said yes.  So on the 2nd Joy’s family, two teachers from RGI and myself went to visit World Vision and other areas for RGI promotion.

The day started early at 5:30 am with a stop at Amravati for tea and breakfast. Later we went to Paratwada where we met the director of Baptist Christian Association and told him about the opportunities at RGI.

Prashant the Manager of World Vision met us at a place from where he accompanied us to the meeting area scheduled. (Prashant’s father worked for many years with us at Prakash.) Around 50 young girls were waiting along with the seven girls who studied at RGI last year, in a Catholic Centre.

The meeting could not be conducted in the village due to rains.  After our welcome Joy gave a small introduction about Prakash then I gave the information about RGI our courses, safety of girls, skills taught.  Since my laptop would not have given enough back up I used Joy’s laptop to show pictures of RGI. (HINT; HINT She needs a new computer.)


It was wonderful session with the girls asking us some questions that they had, surprisingly one of the questions was, “Can I keep my mobile phone with me?” (Can you believe it? Live in a cow-dung hut, but still have a cell phone.) The answer was NO.

The outgoing RGI girls sang a song they learned in RGI.  Some were wearing RGI uniforms and two others wore the Punjabi that they had made for themselves. 

All the people were served tea and bhajis. (A yummy fried donut-hole style treat.) Eighteen girls registered who were interested in coming to RGI.

We then went to the World Vision office had some moments of rest then went to have lunch at 3 o’clock, yes it was late, but the teas that we had helped us survive all day long. 

After this we were scheduled to meet with some more girls in another village but since we were delayed reaching to this place the girls had gone back to their villages.  But still, we were able to meet with the Catholic sister who runs an orphanage in this area and talk to her.  She assured us of sending needy girls to RGI.


Later we wanted to visit another village but on our way we were stopped by some people saying that we will not be able to go any further as there was a landslide a few miles away and the road was blocked so we somehow managed to find a place where Joy could turn the vehicle and started to come back.

This is a mountainous region I had gone to this place many times since childhood but in the dry summer season.   This was my first time to go in the rainy season and see the beauty of this place with many waterfalls flowing.  Prashant had planned the trip very well so that we could enjoy the sightseeing along with our promotion work. 

Met some monkeys that checked every window of our vehicle to see if we had rolled them all up.

On the way home we stopped for little time to see Joy’s father and reached Nagpur at 2 in the night.

This year IF I can find the money, and in consultation with Joy, I am planning to work out if we can start a new class called ‘Preschool teachers training for one year.’  We will know how much response we get and is it worth investing into for our own affiliation?”