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Every year at Prakash during June and July the students are in a snit and a dither. It is EXAM time. Indians take their education very seriously. Parents will go without food to educate their children. So there is a high anxiety atmosphere on campus at the moment.

Moses sent this report:

“Our RGI girls and Computer and Electrician students have just finished their exams, now they are ready to explore the world.  It seems that they all wrote their exams well.  We had taken them to their respective centers for writing final exams.

Our teaching staff worked real hard in doing all the required paper work and the examination went on very smoothly.  Everything was well organized right from transportation, lunch packets, etc. We are making good use of the new Prakash van.

Though taking pictures were not allowed, we could use some Indian technique and get some picture of the examination hall.  Since our Supremo Boss (SHE) was very particular about taking pictures we had no other option than to take pictures. (This “Supremo Boss” gave Loren a down-deep belly laugh. He wonders what position he holds at Prakash. LOL)

Our students have an extremely high percentage of passing and nearly all the PBI students have a job upon graduation. We give God the glory for dedicated professors and staff.”

Will you look at those RGI girls smack-dab in the middle of the boys! Even though we call our  computer class “Co-Ed” at Prakash the opposite sex students are never in the same room at the same time. Isn’t the expression and body language of the girl in the front picture priceless?

It is so hard to get staff to realize that what they consider ordinary or uninteresting is VERY interesting to us. Like I have said many times before, “Pictures are worth the 1000 words.”

On a personal note…Loren and I celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary the beginning of the month. We had a wonderful trip to Washington DC. Just thought you would like this picture.


Times are tough financially for Prakash right now, but when you see the results of transformed lives, it is worth it all. It is a faith-based organization and God knows our needs.