Nagesh’s First Times

Jun 3, 2013 | India | 0 comments

In an ever-changing India, it is prudent to help give the staff and students a much better world-view. we need our leaders to develop in order to be more effective. Nagesh was an orphan boy who came to Prakash to study. While training in Air conditioning and Refrigeration he felt the call of God to be a pastor. After graduating, Prakash for India sent him to Bible College in Calcutta. He is now pastor of one of our House churches and recently became Business Manager for Prakash. Nagesh is the personification of the Prakash story.

For most of us in the US we have no idea what it is like for Nagesh to have taken this trip to the Philippines.

Nagesh’s Manila Conference Report:

“I am very excited to share about my trip to Philippines. It was for the first time I got this opportunity to travel by Flight. And everything was first time experience for me.  Usually we have to report three hours early at the airport to do all the formalities, but I was very excited and nervous, so as a result my reporting time was 8 hours and 45 minutes early at the Mumbai International Airport. When I came at the airport for few seconds I was just speechless and could not believe that I was literally standing at the airport. It was like dream come true. I was all alone and there was nobody to help me to do all the formalities at the airport. My mouth literally stopped watering for few hours maybe because of lot of excitements.

I was told that you have to write one form at the airport and make sure that you don’t write any false information. Well, as I was standing inside the airport here came one lady asking me to help her to write that form. I did not show her that I was first time traveler by the flight. I took out my pen and started filling the form. Let me tell you, I ended up helping more than seven people just filling that form. It was preparation for me to fill my form correctly. My first fear rolled away. Since I had lot of time, I started going here and there just to see what is there inside the airport and that boosted my confidence little bit. I was told by Nani that you need to drink lot of water and keep washing your hands. So even before getting inside the flight I started drinking lot of water and visiting lavatory lot times.

I was anxiously waiting for my Thai counter to open so that I will do all my formalities. Finally the counter was opened and I gave my bag at the counter.

The main formalities were done and now I was waiting for that special moment to first time to get inside the Flight. I remember when I was small boy I used to look at the airplane and in the night while in deep sleep I have traveled on number of times by Flight. Now that special moment came in my life to literally sit in the airplane. I was waiting at the gate no.10 to listen the announcement. When announcement was done I just got quickly and started walking inside the plane. When I came in the plane I could not believe that I am Nagesh and sitting in the Airplane.


Out of excitements I could not find my place so I remembered Nani had told me to ask lot of questions. So I asked air hostess my seat number. She gave me beautiful smile I almost forgot for few seconds that I was married person. She was very cute and good looking Thai girl. I said to her ‘Thank You’ and asked her to give me water. I was full of joy. I called my wife from the flight and told her that I am in the airplane now. She was also happy for my excitements. I did not sleep till the last destination came. When I came to Manila Airport I was more excited to put my feet on the foreign land for first time. I gave thanks to the Lord Almighty for this wonderful time.

I came to the respective hotel and the arrangement was very nice but since I came one day early to the conference I was not given the food so I had to go outside to have my food. We were not given dinners in the night at conference, so almost every night I used to go outside to have my food.

My room in the hotel had Internet connection but unfortunately I had no laptop that is why I could not get back to you and share about my trip sooner. It is first time is such nice hotel.

Next day buses came to take us to the conference and I was ready to move to the conference place. I have not seen such huge Church Building, which is newly constructed. It has more than 10,000 people sitting capacity.

The conference hall was very beautiful. Eight Thousand people from all over the world had come for this conference. First time in my life I have ever attended such huge conference. I enjoyed music and lightings on the stage. I wanted to join them on the stage, but it was impossible. The music was very nice and people used to shout, clap, cry, pray and sing.

Primary speakers were Dr. Robert E. Coleman (USA),

Pastor Randy Pope (USA), and founding pastor of Perimeter Church in Atlanta, GA. I met him personally and talked to him about our ministry at Prakash.

Dr. Peter Tan-Chi Pastor of the Christ Commission Church the hosting Church, Rev. Edmund Chan Organizer of the Conference, Dr. Ravi Zacharias, Dr. Bill Lawrence (USA) Dr. Luis Bush (USA) Dr. Ramesh Richard (USA) I tried to meet them personally.


They gave mind-stirring teaching. One of the things God taught me in this conference is to make your Own Children Disciple, first disciple your family and then others. Teach them to apply the scripture in the day-to-day life. God has taught me many more things and I made commitment with the Lord to help me to do those things in my life. The Lord gave me lot of new International friends and prayer partners and I give all glory and honor to his name.

I have throat infection maybe because I used to talk and talk with the people. I had opportunity to share my testimony with many friends in the conference. I told them that how God has done wonderful miracle in my life. And Prakash (Light, every time I used this word I had to explain them the meaning) had played the major roll in my life.

But from the bottom of my heart I really want to thank you so much for your kind help for this trip to Philippines to attend this blessed Conference. I would always remain indebted to you for what you have done for me.”