Loren Has A Birthday

Apr 17, 2013 | India | 0 comments

Our ministries of Prakash for India are not to be in a village just to take pictures and send a interesting report to donors…we continue to follow up and maintain relationships. Then and only then do we feel we have the right to present the Gospel to these dear despairing people. Dr. Suresh and Vet-Med Ministries put the feet to the Prakash for India outreach in these villages.

Dr. Suresh writes:

“I had three visits at Vanda’s village to follow up the Medical Camp assistance we held in January.  Chief is very happy and proud about this event and help to his people.

Vanda and his wife Sheshi is going to celebrate Baby Loren’s birthday in her village with village children in Christian way first time.

    (We wrote and email and asked, ‘What does Christian way mean?’ Christian Way means Sheshi wanted to read from Bible and pray before village people and it really impacted their thoughts.  When I was reading from Mark 9:33-36 and teaching about taking good care their children as it is God’s gift, everybody was listening very carefully and many of them joined their hands in respect. It was good fellowship.)

They invite me to pray and also wish that Loren Sir could have been here to bless him.  Sheshi share about him holding Baby Loren in his arm for long time and it’s really amazing for these villagers, as nobody loves doing such a thing.

Sheshi still finding the bond between Loren Sir and Baby Loren as she still puzzled how Baby Loren was quiet in his arms for a such long time. It was fun to be with them for this celebration.”

                               The Christmas gifting of chickens continues.

Dr. Suresh found this needy family to gift a dozen chickens.

While searching for a truly destitute family he asked elders in the nearby village who would be a good recipient of the gift. The elders agreed that the blind young man and his family were the most deprived.

There was no hope and now there is income as well as nutritious food for their meager diet. The gift completely transformed their lives. Of course, Dr. Suresh will continue to follow up on this family as well as all the other Christmas gift beneficiaries.