Medical Day in Village

Jan 25, 2013 | India

In order to do something especially interesting for Ron, we planned, with Dr. Suresh’s help, a medical day in a nearby village. It was for animals, as well as humans. All along we have been emphasizing the extreme contrasts of India, so after our Tiger trip for them to see this village was almost impossible for Verna and Ron to comprehend.


Before we arrived at the village I warned Verna she might not be able to take the hundreds of pictures she would like or to hug all the kids, BUT surprisingly God performed a miracle and we were all accepted with open arms.

(Outsiders are usually NOT welcome.) It was evident that the love connection was there and the “Prakash” (light) of Jesus showed through, even in the tremendous poverty.


Dr. Suresh had arranged for a husband and wife team of doctors to also come to the village. They had all kinds of meds and equipment to as least get some information about the people who attended. Several of the medical needs were overwhelming and will need further attention…like one young man who is going blind.

Nupi and our driver Premdas also helped with the information gathering. Nupi asked one lady her age, she didn’t know. She said, “Can’t that fancy machine tell you?” She was looking at the bathroom type scales that we had brought. Most of these older villagers have no idea how old they are or have ever been weighted or blood pressure taken.

On a lark, Premdas had his blood pressure taken and it was 185/119. We told him it was serious and he was going to have to do something about it. He is our driver, yet had never had his BP taken.


Ron vaccinated a couple of goats…great experience for a Pathologist.

He really enjoyed interacting with the doctors and seeing how they worked with the villagers. One little boy had a horrible boil on his finger. It was decided that he needed to go to a clinic to have it cared for. The risk of staphylococcus infection—because of an opened wound—for the whole village was too great.

We brought tea so we could have the tea ceremony with the Chief and others in the village. Pray for Loren, as he is being pressured by the Chief to EAT with them.

I told him when he is ready to die he can get on a motorcycle…alone…and go eat in the village. It really would be the true way to show a bonding friendship…BUT…

The kids adored Verna and she took her hundreds of pictures. Baby Loren, for the first time, allowed Loren to hold him. As you can see they both enjoyed it.

Just to add flavor to the whole day IT RAINED. Actually, fairly hard at times, but we managed to not get soaked.

And who left her umbrella at Prakash??? Me, of course.

Finishing up the day with a picnic lunch at a near-by wealthy farmer’s house was relaxing. The farmer was not home, but due to the excellent relationship Dr. Suresh has, the chokadar (watchman) opened the upstairs so we could eat out of the rain.

Thank you again for your prayers and support
               *   Some names  have been changed to protected the privacy and safety of the characters in my stories.