The Gifting Continues

Jan 16, 2013 | India

It is always so much fun to go and see where the gifts from your Christmas giving have gone. We never are at the location when the actual gifting is done. Indians will always think that Loren and I are the givers, even if we try to explain to them that it is all of you and NOT us. I know it is January but the Christmas gifting will continue. So more stories will be in the pipeline soon.

Dr. Suresh gives us another delightful story:

“When I was prayerfully thinking about to whom I should give this pair of goats then I remember the shortest, poor boy in last year’s Self-Reliant Training. Ishek. He was in 10th, but his size look like he is in 8th grade. Once when in training I said to Ishek , ‘Why he looks so small?’  He replied, ‘Sir I spend many nights and days without food and that’s why my growth is like this.’ At that time I felt very sorry for him, and today I am feeling much better. Because of your love, I am able to help him to do something so he can get good nutritious food.

Today he, and specially his mother, was so much happy to receive such unusual and wonderful gift which will be great milk source for them and also get some money by selling some to others.

Ishek and his family are so poor even they do not have their own house. I saw his mother was cooking in open yard and asked her, ‘Why are you cooking outside?’ She replied, ‘Our owner doesn’t like that his room get black because of cooking smoke as they don’t have gas connection, but we are happy at least he provide us shelter.’


His father works as a night watchman to that building. Thank God that they have enough space outside to keep goats. I advised them not to spend money on goat house, but use natural resources for it. They like the idea.

What a joy to see all those happy faces because of your love, at last his father came me with joined hands and with a tearful eyes said THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I told them a truth behind it and specially told Ishek that it is because of God’s grace you are getting this gift. I know Ishek understood very well what I said as he was the student of our Starting Point Bible study in our Self-reliant Training.”

We really want to thank Jesus Christ for the wonderful people like you who shared their joy in making some of the needy people of India blessed.