Look what you did with Suresh’s feet

Nov 9, 2012 | India

I am so proud to be able to send Dr. Suresh’s latest report:

“Indeed I am very happy to submit to you this report. Really many things happened through Vet-Med that we can give glory to His mighty name.

This month, God has been uniquely using me in two additional and different programs that really give me evangelical satisfaction, as both of these events represent ‘Jesus’.


I really give thanks to all those who helped in gifting pair of goats and other animals to many below poverty level and marginalized people in unreached village communities around us. This livestock gift turn blessings to them as they get milk and financial development. Because of this noble act many people became curious about it and keep asking me about it. Why am I doing this? So, I decided to answer them through a one-day program. We named it ‘seeker’s conference’, because ultimately His people did it through His love, and the reason is His love.

On this day we invited enthusiastic people to share with attendees and answer the questions that they had in their heart. Our theme was, WHO IS JESUS? There were 35 people, along with 3 women, attending this program. Initially our Sunday school children sang Christian songs for them. (We have an on-going Sunday School program in Nanda.) After which we had introductory talk about Vet Med Ministries and its goal to represent Jesus’ love to many unreached people.


Then we had first session. After the tea break, I portrayed Jesus, His love, and His people. Youngsters looked very interested. In the afternoon we had good time to answer questions and I tried my best to build an evangelical bridge. Through this many people really admired the teachings of Jesus.

Our security man’s testimony caught their attention as he is from the cobbler tribe. He really gave all the credit to our God. It is Jesus who has given burden to His people to give this gift of livestock to some needy people in community and this act of generosity created this evangelical event. Thank you all for standing with us and supporting us to work for His Kingdom.

Seven young men come forward and admitted that they trust in Jesus. Please do pray for this village and young men so that their faith should grow.




Another self-help group which trains young people to be self-reliant had invited me to give an encouraging talk. They came to know about our no-strings-attached-livestock gifts (cow, goats and chickens.) There were 40 young educated non-Christian people to whom I encouraged for livestock business and then shared my testimony with them. They were really shocked about how miraculously Jesus helped me to have a Christian life.

It is really because of your Christmas gifts to many needy around us, that gives me these indescribable opportunities. Sometimes you might not realize that your small gifts open gates for evangelism and bring blessings in the lives of many unreached families.”