Sewing Machines

Oct 31, 2012 | India

This is a story sent from Nupi, RGI Administrator that was a phenomenal “God Thing” and teaching lesson in faith for all of us.

Here is Nupi’s story:

“When the girls come to RGI for their studies they come from many different backgrounds- some for the remote villages, some from villages close to the city, but one thing is very common, they have had very less exposure to latest technology and study methods. For this reason we try to arrange field trips or visits to different places where students get a chance to explore, learn, and simply get off the campus for a day.

Last month our General Director suggested that the RGI girls visit the Government Industrial Training Institute in Hingna, a close by place. This institute runs a course called Fashion Technology and has the latest machines available. When we went the girls were all excited and amazed to see the different models of machines and what could be done on them. The instructor at the government Institute was kind enough to show us the workings of every machine.   

Later after some days we were able to arrange a demonstration in collaboration with USHA International Ltd, of the latest models of the machines available. They gave wonderful hands-on demo to all the girls at RGI.


After which one of our students asked the cost of the electric sewing machine that could perform multiple tasks. Upon hearing the cost the girl said, “There is no way we would ever be able to buy or use one of these wonderful machines.” I wished in my heart that it would be nice to have these kinds of machines at RGI so that the girls can be trained on both the non electric, simple pedal machine, and an electric machine too. Because who knows, our students just might move on in life to where they would get jobs in industries that use electric machine or maybe they would get successful enough in their own businesses at home where they will be able to buy an electric machine.

We can dream can’t we???

I think God hears unspoken prayers too. But then circumstances arose that made it difficult to understand God’s will for the RGI’s wish list of new machines. On the very next Skype session with Loren and Sylvia, the General Director said he had a situation with the Sewing teacher in the line-up. Anyway, the man wanted several more machines for HIS class. Loren asked me (Nupi) if I had any extra machines? I answered, “No, but we would love some new electric machines and we could then give him some of our old pedal machines.” Needless to say, it was not a good time to present that request. Loren said, “NO, we don’t have any money for this now. Oh well, send me your wish list.”

God knows our needs and desires, so that’s why our joy knew no bounds when in the very next Skype meeting, Loren and Sylvia shared that Prakash had received funds designated especially for sewing machines for RGI. Connor was in on this Skype session and said,” Hey, Papi, that check had to be in the mail BEFORE last week’s session. See, God knew before you knew that RGI needed new machines.”

RGI was able to buy two electric embroidery machines-exactly the ones that the girls saw in the demo. Also we were able to purchase, one over lock machine and five simple brand new pedal machines.

When the machines came the girls were VERY happy that they would now be able to learn different embroidery patterns. I told them that the Lord has provided us these machines through the sacrificial giving of his people. You cannot imagine how thankful we are for God’s provision, because when we think we are incapable of doing something, God’s grace and provision gave us the best possible.

All the girls and staff at RGI have offered a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord for the machines and for his people who thoughtfully gave money for this project. We promise to be good stewards of God’s provision and to use it as teaching tools for a brighter future of the girls coming to RGI.”


May God bless you for “He who gives to the poor will lack nothing” Prov. 28:27.


Thank you again for your prayers and support
               *   Some names  have been changed to protected the privacy and safety of the characters in my stories.