Baby Loren

May 11, 2012 | India

For years Loren has been excited about the ministry of Vet-Med in the villages.  He has loved the fact that he can ride on the back of Dr. Suresh’s motorcycle (of course, he would love to ride his own, BUT I told him when he is ready to die, he can) and visit these very depressed, isolated, yet lovely areas.  One village in particular has become very special.  I have written about the Chief and the young man Vanda that Loren even endured the 120 degree weather of May to attend his wedding …WELL, I am very happy to share with you that Mr. and Mrs. Vanda have been blessed with a baby boy on 3rd of April 2012 Tuesday at 12:45 AM.

A pregnant woman ALWAYS returns to her own village and lives with her parents during her last few months of her pregnancy.  So Vanda has to travel the long distance to be with his wife during her delivery.  Sometimes, the father is not even allowed to touch the baby for one month.

They both returned to their own village on 24th April 2012, and on 25th they had the “Naming Ceremony Programme.”

Dr. Suresh reports on this ritual:

“According to the mother there were 15 women (Every older woman in the village and surrounding villages) gathered together to suggest best name for baby.  Everybody suggested best names. The mother listened very carefully, but when actual time came she told Vanda’s mother that she want to name baby as a ‘Loren’ as she liked real Loren as a loving and beautiful gentleman.  She wanted her boy to be educated and caring like Loren Sir.  So, her mother-in-law declared the best name ‘Loren’ for baby. Everybody accept that as GOOD name for baby.

Then gifts are given.  I gave them some napkins (diapers), which Nupi stitched for them.

Both of parents are really very happy and give heartily thanks to Jesus for this special gift of a son. Both of them want to educate their son so that he will do some good work for their tribe.”

I asked Dr. Suresh what was the reason for all the black dots on the baby?  Here is his answer: “The black spot is made out of black, made-up paste used in villages.   Village people put it to protect child from evil things.  Even for baby girl in childhood they use black color only.”


Also I asked about the pink outfit on the baby.  Apparently there are no color distinctions for babies.  They are just happy to have ANY baby clothes and by-the-way the napkins will only be used occasionally.  I know from experience.

Vanda and his wife are both followers of Christ, but they still will follow some of the customs of the tribe.  This makes it very difficult to minister to these people.  They are sometimes accused of NOT being Indian if they become a Christian.   Customs and religion are intricately intertwined.

Loren and I are both feeling in fine fettle, but not quite hale and hearty.  I still have a myriad of tests to endure, but feel no discomfort.  We will travel to California for my parents Memorial Celebration the first part of June.