Urgent News

Mar 30, 2012 | India, USA

They say that no news is good news; well that is not the case with me.

I am in hospital with…who knows what…and have been poked and prodded more than I care to be. They are investigating the exotic as well as the homegrown culprit. BUT that is not the real news. My Daddy went to be with Jesus this morning in his sleep. This truly is an answer to all our prayers, and most especially, Mama’s. She always said, “I want to live just one day longer than Papa.” We were all taken completely by surprise because Mama’s health had deteriorated so much in the last weeks. Papa seemed to be stable. God has His own perfect plan. When Mama was told, she said, “Oh, he was my dear sweetheart,” and then cried for a couple of hours. For the last couple of weeks she has been disoriented and we were not sure she would understand, but again, God is good and she has closer and knows her prayer has been answered.

No plans have been made for the Memorial Celebration, but we do know that in lieu of flowers, we would appreciate the money go to Prakash. As founding father, I know that it would be Papa’s desire, too.

As for me, all your prayers would be greatly appreciated. I will try to keep you updated and I do have some great stories you need to read.