Things are a Happening

Jan 1, 2012 | India

Totally out of the blue there was thunder, lightning and rain tonight.  Of course, we were out shopping and got soaked, even before we could get back to the car.  Loren told Bob, we planned to give him a whole myriad of “missionary” experiences. —This just being one.


A trek to villages on the weekend was yet another adventure for Bob.  Needing to see the Goat lady and also check on Nanada, one of Dr. Suresh’s areas of ministry was a good excuse for the trip.   The building he is using has some major maintenance issues, and Loren needed to see and estimate the costs of repairs.


The highlight of the day for me was a surprise visit to a small Christian English Medium school where two of our RGI alumnae are working.  In conversation Nupi just happened to mention that we had girls working at a school near by.  WHAT???? We had no idea.  A quick phone call to ask permission to pay a visit was made.  Then a detour, as we meandered through the village asking for directions, one man finally said, while flinging his hands, “You mean those Jesus people?”


I could not have been more thrilled, than when the two girls came running out to meet the car.  “Nani, Nani, you came to see us.”  Hugs abounded.

The girls proudly showed us their meager facilities—Four girls sleep together in two small twin beds.

Most of the walls were raw concrete bricks with no plaster.  The tiny rooms are divided by standard (grades) with little plastic chairs and tables.  Even the stairwells were very diminutive.


The superintendent said he would employ any girl recommended by RGI.  We actually have four girls now working for this organization.  How full of pride we are of our RGI girls.



While traveling on to Nanada I yelled, “Bas bas (stop, stop)!!”  There in the middle of the road was a lorrie surrounded by “Indian flares” (rocks).  This is not an uncommon sight, but these drivers were having LUNCH in the shade of the lorrie.  “Maybe later we can fix,” is their attitude.

There are vertically no tow trucks; so all repairs are done on sight. 

Later, we had a picnic, another first for Bob in India.  All enjoyed a mixture of cheese sandwiches, potato chips, dry potato curry and fruit. 


After the inspection and satisfying our hunger we left for the Goat Lady’s village.  Sadly, she was not there, due to the fact she was out gathering firewood for the evening’s meal preparation.   The villagers were still in awe of the generous gift of goats that has so changed this lady’s life.  Thank you again, for all your wonderful support of these out-reach projects.  More stories will be coming as we buy and deliver additional gifts of cows, chickens and goats.



The last adventure of the day was a ride—like no other—on the bumpiest road, I swear, in all of India.  For sure we thought our insides were going to be jiggled out.  Oh well, who said we couldn’t give a person a good time.


Bob has NOT had ONE hot shower in his room since he arrived.  After two new Geazers and a hired plumber he sill has no hot water in the shower.   Loren is up to his neck in pipes and water.  He is sure the shower plumbing has it in for Bob.