A Blessed Early Christmas II

Dec 12, 2011 | India

Well, last night as we were talking with staff via Skype the Director of Students for PBI found out there was not much information in the last Journal about the boys and their sweaters. SOOOOOO guess what I received this morning. Your right—Great pictures and commentary about the boys’ sweaters.

Seems there are several the boys who do not want to wear their sweaters until they return to their caregivers. (Parent, brother, orphanage, etc). Due to the fact, unless the sweater still had the TAG on it nobody would believe it was “band new.”

Can you believe it??? It is VERY important to have a brand new gift. SEE THE TAG

The second year students received a valor jacket sweater. (See in above picture)

They are extremely thankful for such a thoughtful gift

Just thought I would put this little addendum to the last Journal