Fun Times

Oct 20, 2011 | India

All work and no play makes Loren a VERY dull boy. I wouldn’t want that to happen so a couple of special nights out solved the problem. Part of the joy here at Prakash is getting to have fellowship in our staffs’ homes. We love eating the different foods they fix and seeing their children and spouses. Already having been to a couple of homes we were not at all surprised when Moses asked us to have dinner with he and Janet and of course, little Hannah, but we were flabbergasted when they took us to a Rajasthani Hotel/Restaurant.

It is a large lovely garden incorporating a mini theme park. Multiple event stalls—puppets, magician, dancers, fire-eater, sword walkers, camel rides, henna-artists, etc.— surround the garden.

Upstairs is a sit-on-the-floor meal with turbaned waiters serving more food than any human could possibly eat.


It was simply fantastic. We were blown away that there was such an incredible place so close to Prakash.

The second playtime was attending an All India Mela. (A cultural fair)

One of our Prakash alumni is the assistant manager of the Mela grounds and was at the front gate to escort us (Loren and I along with two staff families) into the park. We were taken to the VIP seating so we could enjoy the cultural dancers of India without our view being obstructed.

Loren and I had our picture taken and most likely it appeared in the newspaper.. There were Indian handicrafts from around the country and Loren was fearful that I would find too many things, “I just couldn’t live without.” He was lucky, we left after only two very small purchases. Again fellowshipping with staff was super special.

We are so blessed to have these dedicated men and women carrying out the mission and vision of Prakash. Life at Prakash is NEVER dull but not always fun.

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