Chicken Update

Jul 30, 2011 | India

I knew the people who gave for the chickens and the goats would be jealous over the cow update so here is a chicken update and soon there will be the goat update.

You will want to just hug these two little boys. Their life is forever changed. Here is the update from Dr. Suresh.

“I visited the couple that we had given the chickens, but unfortunately I could not meet them as they had gone to work. I felt badly. Instead I talked to their children. Because they are so shy I first just asked them some general questions. It was easy to tell they were much happier than the last time I visited them. I really saw some changes in them. Everyday they are home alone. Then I asked them about the chickens… what a huge smile! Both of them were happy about the chickens. I asked them if the chickens have been of any help to them.

Then the elder son happily answered, “Sir, I am very thankful to you about the chickens because our lives have changed a lot because of them. Now we get good breakfast in the morning and we are able to eat eggs for breakfast, and sometimes our mother makes egg curry (chicken on a holiday curry as you call it) for us and we are most happy about it.”

I was very happy to hear this because I know that there are so many children who are not able to get such food full of proteins. Really these chickens have saved their lives. These children as well as me are very happy that they are getting enough food and are leading a healthy life.

I am very thankful to God that he made this way for this family and for making God’s people ready for such an endeavor. I personally thank all those who helped in this work. May God bless you and make you a reason of blessing for others also. I still remember that it was not my plan to give the chickens to this family, but God had a better plan.

Then I clicked some photos of the children with the chickens, but they were not able to gather all the chickens together as they were eating food. Still I managed to click some photos. The children were very happy about showing me.”

Couldn’t you just hug him?

My heart is full over stories like this where Kingdom-driven people make a difference.