Not the News We Wanted, But God is in Control

Nov 23, 2010 | India

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I just received this email from Nupi and Suresh about Jaysoni’s progress.

The last couple of weeks have been a very busy ones. We went to the hospital almost every day. Here are the proceedings dates wise:

On 3rd November we went to Suraj Eye Institute the doctors checked Jaysoni and told us that her optic nerve has been damaged and the only treatment available would be three injections that can be administered to her on three consecutive days through IV fluids. But before that the doctor advised us to take her to the neurologist to check her brain situation.

On the 4th of November we took Jaysoni to the Neurologist. He advised that we get a CT scan done so that we will know what exactly is wrong with her eyes. The CT scan revealed old calcified granuloma around right central sulcus. The cause was questionable.

5th November- was Diwali Suraj Eye hospital was closed. Therefore we went with the reports to the eye doctor on the 6th of November. After seeing the reports the doctor said that we needed to test Jaysoni for Tuberculosis before we start any treatment. Therefore an x ray was done for the chest.

8th November- we went to the eye doctor with the X ray the X ray report said she was normal but the doctor wanted to get another test for Tuberculosis because he said that before I start this treatment I want to be very sure that Jaysoni does not have any trace of Tuberculosis because if that is the case the injections that I am going to give her is going to aggravate her disease and her situation will worsen. Therefore we got the test done and the report was to be received after 48 hours.

10th November- The eye specialist again told us we are starting her treatment but there is no guarantee that it will be successful we are doing the best that can be done but only God can work a miracle in this child’s life. Jaysoni’s TB test report was normal so Jaysoni had her first injection through IV, as it was being done I went inside the hospital room to see how she is doing, her mother was sitting beside her bed, Jaysoni went to sleep and the mother was crying I asked her why are you crying she said I am so worried about my daughter, I am praying to Yeshu God ( Jesus ) that he will open my daughters eyes. Later as we spoke I said to her we as humans can do what we can do best but it is up to God to grant us our wishes, he knows what is best for us. Let’s see what happens.

11th November- the doctor reviewed Jaysoni but only to realize that there is not much improvement. The second injection was administered with a hope that some improvement will be seen by tomorrow. We are praying to God that he may fulfill his will in Jaysoni’s life

12th November- the doctor again reviewed Jaysoni but he did not see any improvement not even 0.5 %. Therefore the doctor recommended that we stop the injection treatment he said that it is not advisable to continue this treatment to her because there has been no improvement in Jaysoni’s case even after two doses and therefore I do not recommend that she be given another dose of the medicine at this age. So sadly the treatment was stopped. The mother and father both were very sad. But they are very thankful to us that we showed our loving concern for Jaysoni and took the initiative to take Jaysoni to the hospital. We may not have been successful in bringing back Jaysoni’s eyesight but during these ten days as we moved from one place to other for treatment and tests we were able to spend more time with the chief, his wife and Jaysoni. We have come closer to each other the chief is just bubble out to ask us what he can do for us, he wants us to celebrate Christmas in his village on a grand scale and he has promised to due all the necessary arrangements needed for this.

19th November-Now we are trying to encourage the chief to send Jaysoni to a Christian organization where she can be admitted in a blind school where she will be able to pursue her education, learn some skills and may be able to live a better life. But this is not going to be an easy decision. Even the thought of sending their daughter away from them brings continuous tears in their eyes. We hope and pray that we will be able to lead Jaysoni and her family into a better future both physically and spiritually to the saving knowledge of Jesus. They have been introduced to Jesus but have not accepted Jesus as their personal savior yet.



Nupi and Suresh.